Welcome to Paramount Live!

We are a local non-profit youth theatre company dedicated to fostering an environment of growth, personal freedom and understanding through the inspirational performance experience and the theatre arts.


GREASE poster

Count down is on for our last production in 2014. Tickets now on sale at our community outlets. Tickets are also available prior to each show


1. Tia Lunn
2. Micaela Morrow
3. Shayna Badiuk
4. Kaleigh Serino
5. Chloe Kukko-Pulkkinen
6. Fae Alexander
7. Dominic Winters
8. Danielle Winters
9. Tessa Maki
10. Frances Loghrin
11. Victoria Carella
12. Emily Magajna
13. Ryan Mayer
14. Carly Martin
15. Dante Papa
16. Brenna Hankkio
17. Cameron Surkan
18. Taylor Onski
19. Abbie Hauth
20. Ashley Luoma
21. Katelyn Luoma
22. Noah Boeckner
23. Adam Couchier
24. Alex McCubbin

Show Dates:

Dec 4th
7:30 PM

Dec 5th
7:30 PM

Dec 6th
7:30 PM

Dec 11th
7:30 PM

Dec 12th
7:30 PM

Dec 13th
7:30 PM