Welcome to Paramount Live!

We are a local non-profit youth theatre company dedicated to fostering an environment of growth, personal freedom and understanding through the inspirational performance experience and the theatre arts.


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Paramount LIVE returns to the stage to amaze you in this Broadway Classic. Stay tuned for ticket details.

Show Dates:

Apr 23rd
7:30 PM

Apr 24th
7:30 PM

Apr 25th
7:30 PM

Apr 30th
7:30 PM

May 1st
7:30 PM

May 2nd
7:30 PM

Winter /Spring Programs 2015

image for Winter /Spring Programs 2015

OUR PROGRAMS ARE FULL. Stay tuned for Production details and ticket information.

Program: Disney’s Peter Pan JR.
Recommendation: For children in grades 1-6
Directors: Ashley and Katelyn Luoma (with Marcia Arpin)
Rehearsal Dates: Saturdays OR Sundays (9:00-noon) at our studio
First Rehearsal: Feb. 21, 2015
Performance Dates: May 20,21,22,23, 2015

Program: FAME JR.
Recommendation: For children in grades 4-8
Director: Andrea Clark
Rehearsal Dates: Thursdays (5:30-7:30 pm) and Sundays (5:30-7:30 pm) at our studio
First Rehearsal: Feb. 22, 2015
Performance Dates: June 18,19,20, 2015


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As a non-profit organization our daily existence relies on the kindness and generous spirits of many volunteers. We appreciate our parents, community networks and high school students who complete countless projects and tasks in an effort to deliver the best quality productions for the community by our talented youth.

Day to day we rely on these volunteers to maintain our studio and the work before and after productions.

We would like to acknowledge:

February 2015...
Rosa Cupello, Kayleen Hook, Wendy Luoma, Nina Morrow, Kevin & Tammy Graham, Surkan family, Cathy Alex, Vivian Wood, Jaqueline Smith, Debbie Meredith and Beth Boon